How Does Nursing Graduate Guarantee Work?

HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency is working with employers to create temporary bridging positions to help new nursing graduates find full-time employment immediately upon graduation.

Temporary Bridging Positions Fully Funded for 6 Months

These temporary bridging positions are above staffing complement and fully funded by the government for 6 months. The expectation is that you have a plan for these temporary bridging positions to lead to permanent full-time jobs.

If you are not successful in bridging the new graduate by the end of the 6 months, you will provide 6 weeks of additional, above staffing complement bridging time to allow this transition to occur.

Sector-Appropriate Wages

New Graduate Nurses will be paid sector-appropriate wages based on the following:

  • Rates negotiated between the Employer and the applicable collective bargaining unit.
  • The starting salary for a New Graduate Nurse at the employer’s organization, as applicable, including up to 24% benefits.

You are expected to make your best effort to bridge the New Graduate Nurse to permanent full-time employment.

Please refer to the Nursing Graduate Guarantee Guidelines for more information.